Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still married?

Yes 🙂

Do you have kids?

We have 3 amazing kiddos. Two boys and a girl who keep us dancing and laughing every day.

Did anyone know you were going to dance down the aisle?

No, it was a surprise!  The pastor knew, but no one else. 

How much did you practice?

We had one rehearsal secretly in the church – we rehearsed for about an hour. We had someone at the door helping us with our entrance cues. Jill choreographed the general layout but a lot of the dancing was improvised by the wedding party. 

Why did you put the video on YouTube?

We posted it to share with our family and friends who missed the wedding. It was the easiest way to share video back then – we had no intention of sharing it widely. 

What was it like when the video went viral?

It was unreal. It literally happened overnight – within 48 hours of posting the video we were flying to New York to be on the Today Show.  It was a wild ride.

After a few weeks we decided to turn off our phones and go back to graduate school (Jill was getting her Ph.D. and Kevin was starting law school). We turned down a lot of offers at the time – from hosting reality television shows to dancing at celebrity weddings. 

How has the video been used to raise money for charity?

We used the video to direct money to a domestic violence charity for the first several years (the video raised over $70,000).  We now raise money for Jill’s violence prevention nonprofit, The Violence Project. 

Do your kids like the video?

They love it. Our daughter regularly asks to watch the “mommy and daddy get married video.”

Did you know the Office was going to re-create your wedding?

We had no idea – we watched the show along with everyone else and nearly passed out when we saw it. 

What’s been the most surprising part?

The emails and messages we receive from around the world – thousands of people letting us know that our wedding dance brings them joy. We still get emails today, which is astounding over a decade later. 100 million views is unreal – thank you all!